What We Offer

Fenbot is capable of conducting layer by layer water quality monitoring and pollutant tracking. The survey data obtained is then converted into 3D maps using hydrography. This technology is crucial in determining flow pattern of dissolved pollutants like Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, pathogens and other impurities.

Real time water quality monitoring

monitors the water and sends the data to the user in real time.

Pollution warning system

Integrated river pollution warning system that alerts the pollution level.

Multi Parameter Sensors

Has inbuilt sensors to read pH, Turbidity, DO, TDS, TSS etc.

IoT cloud storage

Provides cloud storage facility of collected data using IoT

GPS tracking

GPS tracking facility to pinpoint the location of the bot from land.

Autonomous and manual control

Facilitates manual and autonomous control depending on requirement.

3D mapping

Provides 3D mapping of polluatants level of the water body.

High speed data transfer

Facilitates high speed data transfer using GSM, WCDMA or Wi-Fi technology

Customized GUI

Custom GUI to provide effortless user experience.

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Water Quality Mapping


Fields where Fenbot meets the user demands.

Environmental agencies

Port Authorities

Government authorities and military

Water Companies

Chemical Industry

Research and Survey Agencies