What We Offer

Bluephin is an intelligent autonomous waste collecting robot powered by AI. They collect upto 350kg of trash in 2 hours, environmental friendly and emits zero carbon emissions. Bluephin can operate as swarm of robots for increased trash collection capacity. With 16 hours endurance. Bluephin is also equipped with a smart waste basket and an automatic lid that closes when the basket is full of trash. Thus providing a secure waste collection system. Its like a roomba for the waters.

350 kg trash capacity

Collects upto 350kg of trash in 2 hours of run.

Environment friendly

Eco friendly with zero carbon emissions.

16 hours endurance

Battery capacity enough to run for 16 hours.

Automated lid

Lid that closes automatically when storage is full.

GPS tracking

GPS tracking facility to pinpoint the location of the bot from land.

Autonomous and manual control

Facilitates manual and autonomous control depending on requirement.

Collective working

Able to operate as swarm of robots for increased trash collection capacity.

Secure locking

Locking facility to avoid spilling of collected waste.

High speed

High speed working at 7 knots

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Fields where Fenbot meets the user demands.

Environmental agencies

Port Authorities

Government authorities and military

Water Companies

Chemical Industry

Research and Survey Agencies